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Learn a language today of your choice using Blogeukono Language or help others by creating helpful cards. Let your creativity go wild by creating your own language and why not share it with your friends!

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School Planner

Allow us to easily display your planner to you, in a smart and convenient way. Allow others to see your planner or just keep it to yourself. View you current and next lesson on a widget or view your whole timetable with quick glance.

What Is

We are here to develop helpful webapps and mobile apps to make yourself easier than ever before. Currently we are working on a couple of projects which we are working hard on all the time. If you would like to contact us, please email support@blogeukono.com and we will respond as fast as possible. If you would like to keep up with the latest news about Blogeukono please follow our instagram, twitter, youtube or sign up for our newsletter!

Working On

We are continuously going to be updating Blogeukono Language. Other than that we are working on a school planner app to easily allow you to see your timetable for the day and have a quick view of your current and next lesson from your home screen (widgets are only on IOS). Lastly we are still working on the main part of this website, Blogeukono where you can write, share, read and discover blog posts about anything from any device any where!